Booking Terms for Home Farm B&B

Home farm is situated in the beautiful surroundings of Patterdale with the fells overlooking and our very own waterfall and river.

Our rates are £27.50 per person per night this includes Full English Breakfast (prices based on two people sharing a twin bedded room)
Packed lunches are also available at £6.00 per person – again please let us know in advance if you would like one.

Please note that we can only accept cheques or cash, sorry we do not accept credit or debit cards at the moment.

Please note that we regret that we are unable to accept pets in the B&B and we are a non-smoking bed and breakfast.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Lake District Bed and Breakfast soon!


Our Bed and Breakfast Facilities

– 2 twins and a Double/triple bedded room (shared facilities)
– Tea & Coffee making facilities
– Full English BreakfastTheNewFamily
– Hairdryer
– Free WiFi
– Private Parking
– Magnificent views over surrounding fells.
– Iron / Ironing board available on request
– Non-smoking establishment
– Satellite TV in the Public Lounge / Dining Room
– Use of garden with its own waterfall

Our Outdoor Activities

We are also well known for offering some of the best hunting experiences in the area. If you would like to inquire on our prices please contact us.

Rifle Scopes: How to Choose


Vortex Viper PST 6-24×50 rifle scope by Legion Tactical. Made in South Africa. One of my Favourites!!

Before coming to our B&B to embark on a hunting expedition, you need the finest rifle scope to judge the rough terrain.

A scope’s accuracy depends on the mounting system, the adjustment consistency as well as the correction of the parallax error. Indeed. A scope is less useful if its aim point moves or it has to be reset after a few shots. A well-aligned yet solid mounting system protects the scope and keeps it from losing its correct aiming point when recoiled or bumped.

Also, the lenses’ type of glass and the coatings affect the quality of the image. The size of the objective lens proportional to the magnification factor or the exit pupil determines the amount of light allowed to enter the scope. The more light enters, the better the resolution. For most scopes, a 32 mm or 40 mm objective lens will be big enough. That is, unless more light is needed and or weight is not an issue.

Before shop around for rifle scopes, you should consider what, where, when and how of the scope’s purpose.

What Will It Be Used For?

Different scopes are used for shooting game at 50 yards and 300 yards. Target shooting will need a specific type of scope. Yet, some scopes may be enough to be used for all of these activities. For instance, hunting game in the woods will need a magnification of 2.5 x or 4 x while target shooting needs higher magnification.

Where Will It Be Used?

If you have to walk to a hunting spot in the mountains, a lightweight scope with a one-inch diameter would be best. Yet, if the rifle will not be carried and the marksman shoots from a prone position, factors such as position, size, and weight become less important. If you are going to stay out for days at a time while facing harsh weather conditions and rain, you will need a scope with a more rugged design. If it is used in pleasant weather, it doesn’t need to be as durable or waterproofed.

When Will It Be Used?

The amount of light that is available affects the size of the objective lens. Scopes that is used in a low-light environment will need a larger exit pupil than one that is used in daylight. Here the quality, as well as coatings of the scope, becomes more important. Lenses with higher quality give a clearer image in poor light.

How Will It Be Used?

Fast shooting will require a different scope to aim careful shots. Faster shooting will also require less magnification with a higher field of view.

Fixed or Variable Scopes?rifle scopes

A fixed scope is more reliable as well as relatively cheaper. It can provide constant eye relief with a constant point of aim. The disadvantage is, however, it is permanently bound to one magnification. As a result, it is lacking versatility.

On the other hand, a variable scope is more flexible. Although the eye relief changes with the magnification. Cheaper variable scopes have more pronounced parallax error. If you are on a budget, it is better for you to choose a cheap fixed scope rather than a cheap variable scope due to its reliability.